<h2>About</h2><p>We have improved every mean and made your idea a reality. All that is needed is the mood of creation. We do everything else.</p><div class='bgslideshowmore'><a href='http://www.katarodestan.gr/more.php?l=en' >More...</a></div> <h2>Constructions</h2><p>Stone constructions and compositions, fireplace, fountain, well, stone building, paving, investment, traditional construction, construction, restorations</p><div class='bgslideshowmore'><a href='http://www.katarodestan.gr/more2.php?l=en' >More...</a></div> <h2>Products</h2><p>Marbles, Stone, Granites, Tiles</p><div class='bgslideshowmore'><a href='http://www.katarodestan.gr/more3.php?l=en' >More...</a></div>
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Our company "THE HOUSE OF PETRA" is located in the area of ​​Karvounades, Kythira. The head of the business is Mr. Dostan Qatar. Having many years of experience, professionalism and consistency for many years has given its own position on the island in the field of stone construction and investment. Our company is also active in the field of building work.

Designing with a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine which is an excellent choice for cutting and engraving of various materials, on marble and stone we achieve unique structures that will be the perfect decoration for every space and satisfy even the most demanding customer. Among other things in the company you can find stone constructions and compositions, fireplaces, traditional constructions, marbles, taps, wells, pavers, granites, techntranites, various types of stone, poros.
With experienced staff with know-how, we can advise you to make the best choice for your space. The company, apart from the construction, undertakes the application in your area, as well as renovations.
The stone house: marbles, granites, technogravites, slabs, stones, elbows, limestone, marble tables, lining, stairs, fireplaces, floors, monuments, inscriptions on marble, stone and wood. We undertake the installation in your area and always in cooperation with the best crews


We use every and make your idea a reality

All your need is creativity

We do everything else

KARVOUNADES, Kithira 80100 / Attica
Phone: 2736033069
Cell: 6936641422